New "S Factor" Hair Care and Norwegian Hand Lotion & Chap Stick

So today at the pharmacy I picked up a few new things, i'm really excited to use this new hairstrengtheningproduct from "S Factor" I really need my hair to become more nourished because I still have half grown out side bangs from sixth grade that are very brittle. I'd like to grow them out and get angles. But the only way for them to grow is if they become stronger and there is less breakage. I've heard good things about "S Factor" and i'm hoping it will improve my hairs condition. I'm also asking for the shampoo and conditionar for christmas! I am a big fan of Neutrogena and in general have really dry skin (especially in the winter) so using their Norwegian formula hand cream helps keep my skin soft. I also use it on my face if I have dry patches, it really is good for anywhere you have dry skin. I also got the Norwegian formula chap stick, which I haven't tried before. I usually use baby lips, but I want to try something new, because their hand cream works so well, the chap stick must be equally as good!

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Rachel Lubbe

Rachel Lubbe

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Dear Universe, my name is Rachel. I am 14 years old and I live in New York. The blog is about my life. Hope y'all enjoy! Y'all can read more about my life here: or email me:

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