Winter Wonderland- In November?

Yesterday in New York we had our first big snow of the season! It snowed about 8in, and the snow is great for building snowmen and having snowball fights! Just like our school did haha, people were building snowmen outside and having snowball fights in the school, it was hard as a freshman to walk through the hallways without getting hit. The halways will filled with water by the end of the days so it was very slippery to walk. Luckly we had a two hour delay this morning. Driving home while it was snowing was unbelievably pretty, it truely was a winter wonderland, eveything was white! It feels like christmas already; the snow, stores playing christmas music, and the christmas commercials on tv. I wonder if it will continue to snow this much through out winter '12-'13? It doesn't matter to me, I get days off to relax and drink hot cocoa if there ain't school :) Hope y'all had nice days if there was no school, or delays!

The roads and everything was covered in snow!

This is some kid making a snowman at school that is held up with a cruch & desk and has a hat, sunglasses and jacket haha!

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08.11.2012 kl.22:13

oi! det var mye sn :)


08.11.2012 kl.22:14

Wish it would snow here :( <3

Charlotte Ristan

08.11.2012 kl.22:18

Syykt fine bilder!


08.11.2012 kl.22:20

Kjempefine bilder :D

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