Pretty Braids!

This is my hair that my friend Caroline did over the weekend, I completley forgot to post it but I think she did a very good job and it is definetly worth sharing. Caroline came for a sleepover and we ended up having a disney movie marathon and doing each others hair, she is alot better at braiding than I am haha! It took us a while to get the hang of these different braids, but it looks so beautiful in the end. This is similar to the snail braid, except it is not pinned up. I think it should be called a snake braid because it looks like the form of a snake, anyways Here are some pictures of the braids.

This is the first "snake" braid, it's a a little loose and more messy, but still really well done!

This is how the braid looks from the top, it's similar to the "lace" braid, very pretty!

This is the second "snake" braid, it's a little more tight and 'clean'.

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Rachel Lubbe

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