So today at the pharmacy I picked up a few new things, i'm really excited to use this new hairstrengtheningproduct from "S Factor" I really need my hair to become more nourished because I still have half grown out side bangs from sixth grade that are very brittle. I'd like to grow them out and get angles. But the only way for them to grow is if they become stronger and there is less breakage. I've heard good things about "S Factor" and i'm hoping it will improve my hairs condition. I'm also asking for the shampoo and conditionar for christmas! I am a big fan of Neutrogena and in general have really dry skin (especially in the winter) so using their Norwegian formula hand cream helps keep my skin soft. I also use it on my face if I have dry patches, it really is good for anywhere you have dry skin. I also got the Norwegian formula chap stick, which I haven't tried before. I usually use baby lips, but I want to try something new, because their hand cream works so well, the chap stick must be equally as good!



Winter Wonderland- In November?

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Yesterday in New York we had our first big snow of the season! It snowed about 8in, and the snow is great for building snowmen and having snowball fights! Just like our school did haha, people were building snowmen outside and having snowball fights in the school, it was hard as a freshman to walk through the hallways without getting hit. The halways will filled with water by the end of the days so it was very slippery to walk. Luckly we had a two hour delay this morning. Driving home while it was snowing was unbelievably pretty, it truely was a winter wonderland, eveything was white! It feels like christmas already; the snow, stores playing christmas music, and the christmas commercials on tv. I wonder if it will continue to snow this much through out winter '12-'13? It doesn't matter to me, I get days off to relax and drink hot cocoa if there ain't school :) Hope y'all had nice days if there was no school, or delays!

The roads and everything was covered in snow!

This is some kid making a snowman at school that is held up with a cruch & desk and has a hat, sunglasses and jacket haha!



Outfit Of The Day- Nov. 6, 2012

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Today I wore my new aqua marine sweater from Forever 21. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and I was really excited to find a sweater with the color similar to the Tiffany & Co. box color. I love the way this sweater fits, it's super comfy and pretty loose. But, it gets tight right around the end to give it a bubble type look, i think it's really pretty! The fabric is knitted and if you look close you can see the threads are mixed in with white! I wore it over a whote sugar lip and black leggings with Uggs.

I wore my white coral bracelet that I got in Virgina Beach last year, it turns blue in the sun! With the sweaters color and the coral from the bracelet, it made me feel like I was going to the ocean haha.



Pretty Braids!

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This is my hair that my friend Caroline did over the weekend, I completley forgot to post it but I think she did a very good job and it is definetly worth sharing. Caroline came for a sleepover and we ended up having a disney movie marathon and doing each others hair, she is alot better at braiding than I am haha! It took us a while to get the hang of these different braids, but it looks so beautiful in the end. This is similar to the snail braid, except it is not pinned up. I think it should be called a snake braid because it looks like the form of a snake, anyways Here are some pictures of the braids.

This is the first "snake" braid, it's a a little loose and more messy, but still really well done!

This is how the braid looks from the top, it's similar to the "lace" braid, very pretty!

This is the second "snake" braid, it's a little more tight and 'clean'.



Mall With Marisa- Nov. 2, 2012

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My friend Marisa ( and I went to the mall yesterday night! It was lots of fun: she showed me around the Mac makeup department and Macy's and then we went to The Body Shop, H&M, and our final stop at Forever21. I really love the fact that we have the second biggest Forever21 store on the east coast of the USA in this mall the biggest is the one in NYC) In this picture I am wearing black solows with a cream sweater and maroon scarf (both from Forever21)

We stopped at starbucks and I got a chocolate banana smoothie, Marisa got a pumpkin spice latte, I love both those drinks! I also saw my 4tb grade teacher and it was nice to talk to him, since I am now a freshman and don't see him, he still remains my favorite teacher i've had!


New dark brown boots from Lauren by Ralph Lauren! So excited to wear them. I've been really wanting to get a decent pair of boots that aren't Uggs, i'm so happy I found these. Most of the leather boots I find have a huge heel on them, these have a little lift but not alot- just right :) I think they would go nice with leggings or skinny jeans. There were a couple other pairs of boots that I was looking at, but i'm glad I got these. It's funny because when I was sitting with my friends at lunch they all had leather boots on and I thought, wow I really need to get me a pair, and now I did! They were a little expensive and I had to pay for them myself but I definetly think it's worth it.



New Cardigan From Forever21!

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Beige knit cardigan from Forever21, so excited to wear it! I found a similar one in American Eagle that I really liked, but they only had it left in purple. We went to Forever21 and I was super happy when I found this one. The fabric is so cozy and I think it is the perfect cardigan for Autumn, the color and everything!

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